Jinqiao Gym is Moving in September!

Dear Parents,

Four years ago, Shanghai Gymnastics started in Jinqiao with a small group of 40 kids as the first privately-owned gymnastics gym in China. Since, the club has grown to more than 400 gymnasts and three fully-equipped training centers. Unfortunately, due to a municipal construction project, the original Jinqiao Gym will soon be relocated to a new premise.

That said, we also have good news to share:

  • No more congested alleys: traffic circulation will be better at the new location
  • More parking spots, enough for everyone
  • The new neighbourhood location will provide a cleaner, safer environment around the gym
  • There will be new and more equipment in the gym

The Fall 2017 Session will start at the old location (2622 Jinqiao Lu, #59, Bldg. 1) on August 28th, and move to the new location (1000 Jinsui Road, 2nd/F, Block A) on September 3rd.

Moving Date: September 3rd, 2017

New Address: 1000 Jinsui Road, 2nd/F, Block A


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the move (shanghai.gymnastics@gmail.com | 186-2178-1281).

A heartfelt thank you to everyone that is and has been a part of the Shanghai Gymnastics family. As we look to the future, our promise is to continue providing Shanghai’s top recreational and team gymnastics programs.

The Shanghai Gymnastics Team