On November 21, Shanghai Gymnastics successfully hosted the 2015 Shanghai Gymnastics Autumn Cup. Competing were 60 gymnasts ages 5 to 16 from Flips & Kicks Beijing, Western Academy Beijing and Shanghai Gymnastics Club. Chinese 2012 Olympic Silver Medallist Sui Lu participated as a judge.

We couldn’t be more proud of all our gymnasts! For many, this was their first competition experience. Some girls walked away with medals, others with personal bests and still others with the tough message that more time needs to be spent working on their routines. But each girl knows that their coaches and parents are proud of the hard work and dedidcation it took them to get to this place.

That is what youth sports should be about, especially at these very beginning levels: the development of skills, the opportunity to “play the game” and the chance to manage the thrill of accomplishing a goal and the disappointment of coming up short. We measure the success of our team by each individual’s triumphs along the way.

Passion and joy for the sport is what we all have in common and we are excited and proud to be part of your kids’ athletic journey!

Special thanks to GenaFalzon.com for the wonderful photos. And once again, a big thank you to the gymnasts, parents, judges, coaches and volunteers that helped us create a fun, safe and happy environment for the competition, as well as to our sponsors for their support to youth sports: AMC Shanghai, Sproutworks, Lohan Jewellery, Bon App and Sherpa’s Food Delivery Service.

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